Running a BJJ camp is a labor of love, and if you take one look at the Mallorca BJJ & Yoga Festival it is obvious that its creator has put his heart and soul into it. Joe Notebaert, the man behind this camp, is originally from Phoenix Arizona, USA, although nowadays he lives abroad. He received his black belt from Cesar Lima with the approval of Roger Gracie in 2017 after training at the Roger Gracie Academy in London for 9 1/2 year.

Joe’s BJJ & Yoga Festival in Mallorca a unique and luxurious retreat – he books an entire five star hotel for 5 nights and offers daily BJJ, Yoga classes, and many other activities like Wim Hof Method, free diving, and paddleboarding. As a former travel agent, he knows how to create a truly special camp.

Watch his interview and learn more about Joe Notebaert

What to expect from Mallorca BJJ & Yoga Festival 2022

The 1.5 hectares Hotel Gran Melia de Mar has been exclusively booked for the festival and will feature 5 days and nights of BJJ and yoga seminars! With 12 classes per day (5 BJJ and 7 Yoga) you’ll be able to find everything from basic techniques to more advanced ones taught by some of the world’s best in the field. This camp is perfect whether you want to train BJJ all day or expand your practice to include yoga, breathwork, and free diving!

Who will be teaching at Mallorca BJJ & Yoga Fest?

Mallorca BJJ & Yoga Fest’s instructors include coral belt Mauricio Gomes, the legendary middleweight competitor Clark Gracie, Olympic Wrestling silver medalist Jamill Kelly, and a host of other top BJJ instructors. This BJJ camp brings together old school, new school, gi, no-gi, and wrestling. No matter what part of your game you want to enhance, you’ll be able to work on it here!

At some camps yoga is included as a way to warm up for a long day of BJJ – but at Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival you can expect high level yoga instruction and a full day’s worth of yoga sessions every day. It’s safe to say this camp will satisfy the most dedicated yogi looking for a complete yoga camp experience!

Joe has even seen to it that the camp has a dedicated free diving instructor and a Wim Hof Method instructor – this camp pulls no punches!

Visit the camp page to learn more about this camp‘s impressive lineup of instructors.

What makes Mallorca BJJ & Yoga Festival special?

  • Stay in a luxurious hotel, booked exclusively for the event! Complete access to all facilities including the hotel’s fabulous spa!
  • Spend the week training with like minded people
  • Fantastic opportunity for couples! Bring your better half even if they don’t train Jiu Jitsu. Take your family vacation to the next level.
  • Included camp activities (Wim Hof Method, Free Diving, Dinner Fiestas) to make your vacation complete!
  • Want to take a day off of training altogether? Enjoy the hotel’s spectacular beach or enjoy fabulous food in nearby historic Palma de Mallorca.

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