About us


Project Manager

Blue belt, travelling and location independent in the last 4 years.


Full-stack Developer

White Belt in BJJ but Black belt in coding.


Account Manager

Evan Meehan is a brown belt in BJJ who especially enjoys pressure, more pressure, and occasionally pressure. He holds a yellow belt and a perfect 0/1 competition record in Judo. Evan is currently wandering around Mexico, training wherever he is staying.


Social Media

Head coach of Carlos Maia BJJ Macedonia.


Head of support

White belt and location independent in the last 3 years. Project manager for more than 2 years.


Advisor and Public Relations

Black Belt, Active Competitor, Traveler and Head Instructor of BJJ Academy Berlin.

How we came up with the idea of BJJCampfinder

Like most amazing ideas – over a beer! 🍻

  • The idea is born

    Back in 2019 we were sharing our favorite BJJ camp stories over a pint and talking about how unique and unforgettable each camp was… and how we wished more people could get to experience the joy of BJJ camps

    We are travelers who love BJJ; it should go without saying, but – WE LOVE GOING TO BJJ CAMPS!

  • Our experiences: from camp attendee to camp organizer

    Over the years we had participated in quite a few camps, met with camp organizers, and even organized a small camp ourselves – that was a tough one, but seeing how much fun every participant had made it totally worth it!

  • Walking a mile in a Camp Organizer’s shoes...

    Hosting our own camp showed us that running the perfect BJJ event is a ton of work for any camp organizer, whether it’s their first time hosting one or their 10th! So much goes on behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.

  • And finding the right camp as a student

    On the other hand, we heard the same thing time and time again from our fellow BJJ enthusiasts: they want to attend these camps, but finding out about them is hard! Why couldn’t there be a place to find out about all of the available camps and what each had to offer?

    So, we thought "Why isn’t there a platform that can help connect camp organizers and participants?"

    From this humble question BJJCampFinder was born. Our goal is to help camps find a wider audience and for people looking for camps to be able to see at a glance what camps are available.

Why we created
BJJ Camp Finder

We created it for the people like us – YOU!

Those who like to organize BJJ camps and bring our community together and those who like to travel, do jiu jitsu and share good vibes!

We created it so you could have stories to tell to your grandchildren and show how awesome BJJ is!

We support travel
and BJJ

On our journeys we realized that we are not the only ones (phew!) and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for other people to try it and have a blast! Once you participate in one camp, you will want to go to more for sure. it’s like getting a tattoo – no one has only one…

We want YOU to have the camp experience of a lifetime

Let’s face it, there are very well organized camps and some that are, well… not so good. That’s why we aim on advising the organizers on improving the camps according to our experience and the participants’ recommendations.

We want to create a headache-free experience

Both for the organizers and the participants. So far, the only way you could learn about a camp was through your academy, some friends from another country or at some of the bigger competitions. Well, now you can see the camps right on your smartphone.

BJJ Camp Finder