About Us

Who is behind BJJ Camp Finder?

Well, that’s easy! We are people who love BJJ! We are living the BJJ Lifestyle and working in IT for more than 5 years. Doing different kinds of projects related to Programming, Designing, Marketing, Customer Service, Social Media and etc.

How did we get the idea of creating the platform?

We are travelers who like going to BJJ camps. We are amazed by the whole concept of Vacation combined with Jiu Jitsu! We were able to make connections in the Jiu Jitsu Community and within the years we met different camp organizers and found out that organizing a perfect BJJ camp is not an easy task. Not only that, but we found out that it is even more difficult for the people who want to participate in a camp to find the right camp for them.

Here are some of the reasons why we decided to take this journey and create this BJJ Camp Finder:

  • We hate ugly websites – that’s TRUE! Nobody likes ugly websites and no one will sign up or pay for anything that just isn’t user friendly. We have quite the experience in sales and web development and we have figured out the best way to create the perfect page that leads the potential participants to sign up for your camp.
  • We are entrepreneurs – we live for creating new things that will make people happy and their lives easier!
  • We support travel and BJJ – On our journeys we found out that there are many people that like traveling and doing Jiu Jitsu and we saw an opportunity in combining both in BJJ Camp Finder.         
  • We want to see better organized camps around the world that offer high quality BJJ and experience. So, we wanted to relieve the organizers of the hard tasks of creating website, acquiring participants etc. in order for them to focus more on the organization of the camp.

Meet our Team



Blue belt, travelling and location independent in the last 4 years.


Full-stack Developer

White Belt in BJJ but Black belt in coding.


Head of support

White belt and location independent in the last 3 years. Project manager for more than 2 years.



Blue Belt, Born to roll, lives to learn, loves life and seizes every moment!


Advisor and Public Relations

Black Belt, Active Competitor, Traveler and Head Instructor of BJJ Academy Berlin.


Social Media Manager

Blue Belt, Make Berimbolo great again!