BJJ Summer Week 2022


When: 21 –26 Sep 2022

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This camp is currently scheduled to take place and this page is kept updated to reflect any changes. Concerned Coronavirus (COVID-19) may impact your travel plans? Please visit our Help Centre.


This is 7th edition of BJJ Summer Week in a roll. You are in experienced hands!

Plan on enjoying turquoise water beaches and the finest Italian food and wine in the company of Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts from all over the world! Every year BJJ Summer Week brings together 24 all-star BJJ professors to the Mediterranean paradise of Cagliari, Sardinia. The camp includes a variety of accommodation options ranging from hostel stays to a spacious hotel room. We recommend arriving a day (or more if you’ve got the time and inclination!) early so you can check-in on the morning of the 15th and get your camp experience started right away! We can offer assistance booking extra nights locally if desired.
  • 5 days in the beautiful city of Cagliari
  • 24 professors including some of the best in the world
  • 4+ technical seminars and open mats per day – 12h Jiu Jitsu per Day!
  • 3 different gyms - Pick the seminars you want
  • Parties and events every evening
  • Excursions and trips to the best sights Sardinia has to offer
  • Complimentary activities such as yoga, osteopathy, and massage
  • A program of activities for spouses, families, and children


Ashley Williams

Black belt under professors Braulio Estima and Chris Rees

Ashley Williams is a well-known European competitor, noted for his No-Gi accomplishments, particularly at the IBJJF European No-Gi Open, as well as his performances at tournaments like Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI), Polaris, GrappleFest, and Kasai Pro.

Bruno Malfacine

4th Degree Black Belt

Bruno Malfacine is considered to be the best rooster weight of all time in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is the first and only competitor to win 10 World titles in the same division.

Dario Bacci

Head Coach of Budo Clan, one of the best BJJ academies in Italy

Professor Dario Bacci is a black belt under the legend Jean Jacques Machado. He is a very skilled instructor and one of the top IBJJF referees. Bacci serves as the president of the Italian Union Jiu Jitsu.

Federico Tisi

Founder and head coach of Tribe Jiu Jitsu Italia

Federico Tisi is the first Italian athlete to be awarded a black belt (under Carlos “Escorrega” Lemos). A true Jiu Jitsu pioneer who made significant contributions to the growth of Jiu Jitsu in Italy and Europe. Excellent teacher with extensive knowledge and unique approach.

Felipe Pena

Worlds, ADCC, Abu Dhabi World Pro and Nogi Worlds Absolute Champion

Felipe Pena is recognized as one of his generation's best Jiu Jitsu competitors. A reputation built with victories in the ADCC, Copa Pódio', Brazilian Nationals, and the Abu Dhabi Pro Championship.

Ffion Davies

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo Black Belt

Ffion Davies, a black belt under Darragh O’Conaill, is widely regarded as one of her generation's top featherweight competitors. No-Gi World Champion, Pan-American Champion, European Champion, Polaris Lightweight Champion, and ADCC European Trials Champion are just a few of her achievements.

Flavio Santiago

Luta Livre and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Flavio Santiago works as a coach at the Coachinglab academy and is well-known for his abilities to train some of the strongest competitors. As a highly decorated black belt, he is considered as the founder of Luta Livre in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Italy.

Josh Hinger

Jiu Jitsu instructor and competitor from ATOS academy in San Diego, CA

Josh Hinger is a black belt under professor Andre Galvao. He is a top tier competitor winning multiple international tournaments in the Gi as well as the No-Gi. He is a IBJJF Nogi World Champion, and ADCC bronze medalist.

Luca Anacoreta

2nd Degree Black Belt

Founder of Aeterna Jiu Jitsu Academy - Rome, Luca Anacoreta is a pioneer of Italian BJJ and one of the first black belts from Italy to build a name for himself at the highest level of BJJ.

Michelle Nicolini

One of the elite competitors in women's Jiu Jitsu

Michelle Nicolini a black belt under Robert Drysdale, has the second most IBJJF World Championship titles (8x) at black belt level, and one of the most spectacular competitive records of all time. Her achievements include multiple Pan American, European, Brazilian National gold medals and ADCC title. She has also been inducted into the IBJJF Hall of Fame.

Nathalie Ribeiro

Elite female competition with achievements at word's best tournaments

Nathalie Ribeiro is a black belt under professor Lucas Leite. She is a multiple time world champion in colored belt, 2019 World No-Gi Champion, 2022 European Champion, 2022 Pan-American champion and the 2021 Pan-American champion in both Gi and No-Gi. Her accomplishments solidified her place as one of the sport's most prominent female competitors.

Robson Moura

6th Degree Black Belt

With 8 World Championship titles, Robson “Robinho” Moura is one of the greatest competitors in the super featherweight division. With an excellent martial philosophy, hard-working style and love of the game, he is amongst the greatest Jiu Jitsu instructors.

Ross Nicholls

Head coach and owner of London Grapple

Ross Nicholls is a black belt under professors César Lima and Roger Gracie. He is a top competitor at the British and European scenes and well known for his achievements at major international events such as the Polaris Jiu Jitsu Invitational and the ADCC European Trials.

Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro

3 x IBJJF World Champion and 2x Master World Champion

Professor Vitor Ribeiro is considered to be one of the best lightweight competitors of all time. Multiple times IBJJF World and CBJJ National Champion, winner of 2 Polaris Pro fights and has an MMA record of 20-5, he is a real BJJ Legend and a master of the sport.



Located in Sardinia is known for its natural beauty, its many white-sand beaches, and unique food and wine. When you aren’t on the mat you’ll be spending your time on the beach, drinking the finest espresso, and eating the most delicious Italian gelato. In the evening you will have a chance to truly experience Sardinia as you eat and party with your new friends.

The Venues

The venue is 10-15 minutes by bus from the city center and the organizer has arranged for transportation for attendees. Alternatively, you can reach the camp by bus or taxi. It includes a primary training area with over 400 square meters of mat space plus two separate mat spaces where additional seminars will be held. There are changing rooms, showers with hot water, and a food court that serves acai bowls, espresso, and other delicious lunch options allowing you to train as long and hard as you want! Venue BJJ Summer Week


The official agenda will be announced before the camp!
Day 1 September 21
Arrival Date Camp registration make sure you have your Medical Certificate! Busy day ahead full of seminars and open mat! Welcoming ceremony in the evening. Note: The organizer recommends arriving the day before so you don’t miss any seminars, no one will be let to step on the tatami before official registration! Please contact us directly to arrange for extra nights!
Day 2-5 September 22-25
Seminars all day! Parties all night! Yoga session every morning, 5 seminars per day, unlimited open mats excursions, and special events in the evening (Global Village, Cagliari by night, Beer cage, and many more!). Special closing ceremony. Stay hydrated and enjoy the camp!
Day 6 September 26
Check out Time to go home, no seminars planned for that day. Note: Many participants stay an extra night(s) and they can train in the local gym! Please contact us directly to arrange for extra nights!


  • Seminars
  • Yoga
  • Airport transfer
  • Parties
  • Beach
  • Insurance
  • Excursions


Camp Reviews

Rated 4.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings

4 reviews for BJJ Summer Week 2022

  1. Evan Meehan

    I attended this camp in 2019 and had a great time. The seminars were great, as you’d expect from the all-star cast, and the scheduled events were a blast. This was a great opportunity for me to meet fellow jiu-jitseros from around the world and I made friends and connections during that camp that persist to this day. The Global Village was an incredible experience and no other camp I’ve attended has offered something like it. I’m taking a star off for the included restaurant meals – the restaurants didn’t usually feel prepared for the number of people who were coming and the portions were a bit small.

  2. Ognen Dzabirski

    Went to this camp for the first time in 2021. I like to go to lots of Jiu-Jitsu camps so I consider my bar to be pretty high. BJJ summer week ticked all the boxes – efficient organization, high-level BJJ classes, great parties and hangouts, well thought-out (and executed) excursions….It was by far the biggest camp I have attended (300+ participants) and organizing every event through a dedicated app was a masterstroke.
    The Global Village experience was definitely worth remembering (for those that somehow managed to retain their ability to remember:).
    Personally, I really enjoyed the buses that were transporting camp participants around the city at all times.
    All my meals expectations were met as a vegetarian, with lots of diversity in terms of food.
    I recommend this camp highly and will definitely be coming back for more in future camp editions!

  3. Glenn Lambdin, California

    This camp is more than just BJJ. Besides providing world class instruction, this camp is about connecting with others from all parts of the world and sharing our cultures, friendships, and passions…..and then choking each other out. The staff are well organized, informed, prepared, friendly and they make sure that every accommodation and need is met. I can’t wait for the next camp.

  4. Cecilia Garcia Podoley

    Great ambiance, year after year it gets better. Excellent coaches, super organisers, amazing city.

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When: 21 –26 Sep 2022

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