Your First Jiu Jitsu Camp

Whether you have just finished booking your first BJJ camp or you’re still trying to decide if they are right for you, it’s completely reasonable that you’re wondering what you should expect.

BJJ Camps are incredible vacations, combining the best parts of BJJ, socializing, and travel into one unforgettable experience! Keep reading to get an idea of what you should expect from your first camp!

The Training

First and foremost, BJJ camps will provide you with more Jiu Jitsu classes than you should realistically hope to attend. While each camp will vary, almost all camps will have classes starting between 8 and 9 in the morning followed by a busy schedule lasting well into the late afternoon. BJJ Summer Week offers 12 hours of Jiu Jitsu per day – enough to satisfy even the most hardcore BJJ player!

Generally, there will be at least one open mat per day and many offer two or more. You shouldn’t feel like you have to attend every open mat, but definitely make an effort to attend at least a few while you’re there! Open mats are a great opportunity to practice the moves you have been learning and serve as a great place to meet new people.

It is relatively common for people to roll less intensely at camps than they would at a typical open mat. Of course, you’ll still be able to find your fair share of hard rolls, but when it’s the 6th open mat of the week you’ll probably find that the pace is more relaxed and playful than competitive.

Some camps, like the Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Fest, offer more than just Jiu Jitsu, allowing you to work on your yoga practice or learn to free dive. These other activities are great compliments to your BJJ training, allowing you time to rest from the demands of Jiu Jitsu while keeping your body limber.

The New Friends

Each time I attend a BJJ camp I find myself making new friends and reconnecting with old friends. Camps are perfect opportunities to meet people because everyone attending shares at least two common interests: travel and BJJ. This means that each and every participant at the camp has more in common with you than the overwhelming majority of people you’ll ever meet.

Not only will you share common interests, but between training, eating, and staying in the same places you’ll be spending lots of time together. The combination of common interests and proximity is the ideal recipe for creating lasting friendships!

First BJJ Camp

And while this doesn’t apply to your first camp, if you attend future camps you’re almost guaranteed to run into friends from former camps! People who attend camps tend to fall in love with the experience and continue to attend them year after year.

The Local Scene

While every camp offers enough BJJ to keep you busy, you’ll want to set some time aside to experience the beautiful places the camps are held in! Whether that be spending time at the magnificent beaches of Sardinia, Italy or Mallorca, Spain or taking in the majesty of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World in Izmir, Turkey you will have plenty to keep you busy while you’re not on the mats.

Beyond the tourist scene you should expect to wine and dine with your new friends from the mats. Many camps include or offer food packages allowing you to savor the local flavors. More than just a chance to nourish your body after a hard day of training, these delicious meals are yet another opportunity to connect with your new friends from all over the world.

okami summer camp 2020 participants

Depending on the camp you attend, you may expect a vibrant nightlife. BJJ Summer Week’s legendary Global Village presents an evening of food, drink from all over the world that is truly unforgettable. While some camps are geared towards getting serious training hours in, all camps will offer some degree of after-hours socializing.


BJJ camps are truly sublime experiences, offering you tons of training and opportunities to make new friends in lovely locations. Each camp offers a slightly different experience, but they all share these features in common. It’s hard to go wrong, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for your camp today and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

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