Hips & Grips Camps - Men's Only Memorial Day Weekend Camp

Boise, USA

When: 26 – 29 May 2023

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The first ALL-MALE camp is here! Join your friends for training, climbing and combatives activities. While there are many events and camps that cater exclusively to women, it is now the turn of men to have their own dedicated experience.

The first MEN’S ONLY camp offers a unique opportunity for men to focus on their health and athletic performance. With an on-staff men's health and sports performance expert, attendees will have access to expert advice and answers to their questions about testosterone replacement therapy, human growth hormone and sports performance. In addition, the camp features world-class black belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coaches and top professional climbing guides to teach you how to climb at the beautiful Black Cliffs, located just outside of Boise. No prior climbing experience is, required and rental gear will be provided. There will also be an optional fifth day, when one of the world's top combatives instructors will be available to provide additional training and instructions. Don't miss out on this exciting and educational experience!

What's Included

  • 4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Private / Shared Room
  • Gi, No-gi, & Catch Wrestling Classes
  • 2 Classes Per Day
  • Open Mat On BJJ Days
  • Climbing All Day On Climbing Days
  • Climbing Rental Gear Included
  • Full Day Of Combatives Instruction (Optional)

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Andrew Winge, M.D.

Ralph Gracie Black Belt & Men's Health Specialist

Andrew has been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over 13 years and in his free time he enjoys writing, hiking, camping and spending time with his family. He has a vast knowledge in medicine, including the care of critically ill patients, preventive health and wellness, particularly in men's health, longevity, weight loss and hormonal optimization. He emphasizes healthy lifestyle choices, such as proper nutrition and exercise and personal accountability as the key to managing chronic diseases and maintaining a high quality of life. He has a ton of experience in Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Cosmetics and Men's Health

Dominick Galluccio

Jean-Jacque Machado Black Belt

Dominick Galluccio is a Jean-Jacque Machado Black Belt. He has a unique approach to the martial art and is known for his dynamic performances at the "F2W Pro" competition in Denver, where he has earned the nickname "The Joker" . His innovative Jiu-Jitsu techniques, including his signature move "The OmaKana," have garnered attention and led to a growing number of seminar requests across the US. He is eager to share some of his distinct systems, such as "The Pipecleaner", "The Reverse Hook System" and "The Mount Block" with the participants of the upcoming "Hips & Grips Camp.

Joel Bouhey

3rd Degree Black Belt Under Luis Heredia

Joel Bouhey, a native of Maui, Hawaii, is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Luis Heredia. He is dedicated to training and teaching his unique style of the martial art. He is known for inventing the "falcon guard" - a variation of the closed guard that provides improved leverage, making it difficult for opponents to escape. The falcon guard was originally developed for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and is designed to give a grappler an advantage in combat.

Roy Craddock

Carlson Gracie Black Belt And Combatives Instructor

Roy Craddock is a Combatives Instructor And Carlson Gracie Black Belt who will teach you hand-to-hand combat techniques and tactics. He will develope and deliver training programs that will help all participants learn the skills and techniques needed to effectively defend themselves in real-world situations. His goal is to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively and safely handle violent confrontations.

Dearrick Winchester and Crew

Professional Climbing Guides

Smith Rock Climbing Guides, Inc. offers top-notch rock climbing experiences that are safe, professional and enjoyable. They are fully insured and approved by the state of Oregon and have a pristine safety record. With years of experience and the same ownership, you can trust that you will be in good hands.



Boise is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Idaho. Located in the southwestern part of the state, Boise is known for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and vibrant arts and culture scene. The city has a growing economy and a strong focus on sustainability, making it a popular destination for visitors and residents alike. The BJJ sessions will take place at the Gracie BJJ local gym in Boise. Climbing days will be spent at the "Black Cliffs". The Black Cliffs is a popular climbing destination located just outside of Boise. It offers a variety of climbing routes for climbers of all skill levels, with unique rock formations and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Climbing days at the Black Cliffs provide an opportunity for people to challenge themselves and enjoy the great outdoors, while also building strength, endurance, and problem-solving skills. Whether you are a seasoned climber or just starting out, the Black Cliffs is a must-visit location for anyone looking to experience the thrill of climbing in Boise.

Hips & Grips Camps - Men's Only Memorial Day Weekend Camp


The official agenda will be announced before the camp!
Day 1 - May 26
16:00 Arrival/Check in
Afternoon/Evening Session BJJ and Catch Wrestling
Evening Dinner as a Group
Evening Free Time
Day 2 - May 27
All Day Rock Climbing
All Day Optional one on one/possible men’s health forum
Evening Free Time
Day 3 - May 28
Morning to Аfternoon Session BJJ and Catch Wrestling
Day 4 - May 29
All Day Rock Climbing
All Day Optional one on one/possible men’s health forum
Evening Free Time
Day 5 (Optional Add On) - May 30
All Day Combatives Instruction


  • 3 Nights
  • Double Room
  • Private shower and toilet
  • Seminars


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This camp is currently scheduled to take place and this page is kept updated to reflect any changes. Concerned Coronavirus (COVID-19) may impact your travel plans? Please visit our Help Centre.


Boise, USA

When: 26 – 29 May 2023

Price:   $ 2,200.00

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