Back Attack Camp with Ethan Crelinsten

Leuven, Belgium

When: 14 – 19 Aug 2023

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Join the Ethan Crelinsten Back Attack Camp and unlock your true potential in the exhilarating world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

The Ethan Crelinsten Back Attack Camp is the perfect camp for any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast looking to learn both the fundamentals and advanced strategies of attacking the back. Prepare for a one-of-a-kind learning experience as the camp offers a unique teaching style that guarantees rapid progress. Participants will be guided through a comprehensive journey, starting from understanding the core concepts, practicing them through drills, and finally applying them confidently in actual moves. The focus of the camp lies in honing your understanding of positioning and utilizing the full length of the strangle arm. By delving deep into these crucial aspects, you'll gain a solid foundation and propel your skills to new heights.

What's Included

  • 6 Days of Seminars
  • High Level Instructor
  • Total of 20-25h Technical Seminars
  • 10-15h of Open Mat in Total
  • All Seminars Focused on One Technique - Armbar
  • No Gi Only


Ethan Crelinsten

B-Team Co-Founder & North American ADCC Trials Winner

Ethan Crelinsten, a Canadian professional submission grappler and a student of both John Danaher and Firas Zahabi in Jiu Jitsu. Crelinsten became widely known in the No-Gi circuit of Jiu Jitsu after his victories at the North American ADCC Trials in 2018 and 2019, and for his numerous wins over established professional athletes, all while he was still a colored belt.

Main Achievements:

  • 1st Place ADCC East Coast Trials (2018)
  • 1st Place ADCC West Coast Trials (2017)
  • 1st Place Jitz King Invitational (2020)
  • 2nd Place BJJ Fanatics 170lbs GP (2020)
  • 2nd Place P-Belum Invitational (2020)
  • 2nd Place Onnit Invitational 4 (2017)

Damien Anderson

World Ranked Grappler & Instructor at B Team

Ranked among the TOP 10 grapplers in not one but TWO weight divisions (#8 in 145lbs and #9 in 155lbs). Plus, he's tearing it up as an instructor at the legendary B Team Gym in Austin, Texas! When Damien was just a purple belt, he took down multiple black belt world champs and ADCC veterans!



Leuven in Belgium is a must-see destination for any traveler. The city boasts a charming atmosphere, lively culture, and rich history. The city center is dominated by the impressive medieval architecture, with the grand town square, featuring the iconic St. Peter's Church, as the centerpiece. One of the highlights of Leuven is its vibrant cultural scene, with a wide range of museums, galleries and performance venues to explore. The local beer culture is also not to be missed, as Leuven is home to many world-renowned breweries. The city also offers plenty of options for foodies, with a wide variety of local and international cuisine on offer. Whether you're in the mood for traditional Belgian fare such as waffles, mussels or chocolate, or something more exotic, you'll find it in Leuven.

Training Facility

"Sportoase" training center will host the seminars. The facility is a big sports complex with a lot of sports areas. The mat space is huge, about 300 m² wide and enough changing rooms and showers for everyone's needs. ​ See FAQ for more information.


The official seminars schedule will be announced before the camp!
Day 1-2 -14th-15th August
09:30-12:00 BJJ Session
12:00-14:00 Open Mat
14:00-16:30 BJJ Session
Day 3 -16th August
09:30-12:00 BJJ Session
12:00-Onward Free time
Day 4-5 -17th-18th August
09:30-12:00 BJJ Session
12:00-14:00 Open Mat
14:00-16:30 BJJ Session
Day 6 -19th August
09:30-12:00 BJJ Session


  • Seminars


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This camp is currently scheduled to take place and this page is kept updated to reflect any changes. Concerned Coronavirus (COVID-19) may impact your travel plans? Please visit our Help Centre.


Leuven, Belgium

When: 14 – 19 Aug 2023

Price:   $ 461.00

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